Mario Veschetti (1932-2010).
A man. The passion.
The story of Mario Veschetti craftsman from 1950.
His soul inspires ours.

His desire to create what remains forever is our motivation and goal. Remembering the past as we work for the future.
Passing on his legacy. Forever.

Mario, Laura and Marco Veschetti

One finds the shining shop windows of the boutique owned by Marco and Laura Veschetti in the historic center of Brescia in Corso Magenta.

This business was begun by their father, Mario Veschetti, in 1949. And little by little over the years it became an important center for Haute Joaillerie and vintage pieces.
Sixty years have passed but Marco and Laura have the same determined spirit and passion as their father Mario and enthusiastically continue the business he started. This brother-and-sister team has always put an emphasis on an in-depth study of the gemology of their pieces, looking to the fashion trends, carefully monitoring the market and trying to absorb everything going on.

Their love for the art of jewelry making and the wonderful world of jewels led them to come up with their own "one-off-pieces" that are painstakingly created, from researching the gems to the precise work of the most expert craftsmen in the business.

For many years, most of the clientele were Italian but more recently the Gioielleria Veschetti has opened up to new markets.
Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore have proven to be wonderfully receptive markets for Veschetti jewels thanks to their uniqueness and the richness of their colors and precious stones.

They've also received recognition and appreciation in the United Arab Emirates and the Far East, which are markets that place an importance on jewels as status symbols, and the Veschetti creations perfectly embody this. Marco and Laura have always been open to new experiences and challenges. Aside from the historic main boutique, they have opened a second shop dedicated to the Rolex brand. They are the only dealers in the city. In 2011, they opened a new boutique in Forte dei Marmi, the prestigious seaside town in Tuscany.