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Since 1949 love and passion for art and for the wonderful world of jewellery

Veschetti Family
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The History
Laura, Marco Veschetti

More than seventy years have passed since Mario Veschetti established his first goldsmith activity. Much has been done ever since, which led to the creation of an important point of reference for the high-end jewellery renowned in Italy and worldwide. Marco and Laura Veschetti inherited the same grit and passion of their father. With enthusiasm, they continue to hand down and grow the project started in 1949. The study of Jewellery History, through the years, has been one of their priorities,  beyond a careful and timely analysis of international markets.  
The creation of unique pieces of jewellery goes through an elaborated creative process, from a thorough research of gems to the scrupulous craftsmanship, entrusted to their most experienced Italian goldsmiths.

Veschetti has increased its clientele over the years, not only in Italy but worldwide, embracing new international markets, which have been receptive and interested in their unique jewellery, rich of colors and precious stones. 

Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar are some of the countries where Veschetti has found wide appreciation and great success; The same response is also applauded in America, particularly in Texas and Florida. 

Always open to new experiences and challenges, in addition to the historic boutique, Marco and Laura established an exclusive shop entirely dedicated to the Rolex brand and ready-to-wear jewellery. In 2011 they opened another prestigious atelier in Forte dei Marmi, a fashionable Tuscan seaside resort.

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